Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion prevents hair loss, thinning, & baldness. Reduces dandruff build-up that clogs the hair roots. Accelerates new hair growth, makes hair long, bushy, and black. Maintains and repairs the hair root and hair follicles.

If you are experiencing hair loss, Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion prevents hair loss, hair fall, grows hair and improves hair strength. It Improves blood circulation and makes strong hair follicle to stops Hairs Loss.

The process of using Green Wealth’s Neo hair Lotion is simple, easy, natural and safe process. to ensure you get your dream hair in 4 to 5 Months

Neofollics is 41% more effective than Minoxidil on the growth of dermal papilla cells. It has 95% user satisfaction, according to research. The lotion quickly absorbes into the scalp and is nongreasy. It is a water based solution and does not contain harmful solvents such as Propylene Glycol (PPG), unlike Minoxidil.

Daily Two times, Use regularly morning and evening

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion is the bestselling product in the hair loss Treatment category with proven results. It is manufactured in the best industry standard and is GMP and FDA Certified

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion is made extracts from herbs to touch the main ingredient. Cantaloupe, white ginseng, palm leaf, saw blade provides hair care for hair loss. Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion uses Cucumis Melo Extract which is a form of Vitamin B which is required to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.